Dividend Policy

Investor Relations


Dividend Policy of STA

Our policy is to pay a dividend of approximately 30.0% of our net profit for each financial year as contained in our Company’s stand-alone financial statements, but not in excess of our retained earnings. In considering the level of dividend payments, we intend to take into account various factors, including STA’s financial position, results of operations and cash flow; the ability of our subsidiaries, associates and joint venture entity to make dividend payment to STA; STA’s expected working capital requirements to support STA’s future growth; and general economic conditions and such other external factors that STA believes to have an impact on the business operations of STA.

Dividend Policy of Our Subsidiaries

The dividend payment of our subsidiaries shall be approved by the Board of Directors of each subsidiary and shall be presented to the shareholders’ meeting for approval. The Company does not fix the percentage of dividend payment of each subsidiary. The dividend payment made by our subsidiaries will depend on the business profits, financial position and the future investment plans and shall be according to its Articles of Association and the relevant laws of each subsidiary.

Historical Dividend Payment Information

Operating Year Number of share Par value (Baht) Earnings per share (Baht) Dividend per share (Baht) Total dividend payment (Baht) Dividend Payout ratio (%)
2018 1,535,999,998 1 1.34 0.65 998,000,000 46.52
2017 1,535,999,998 1 (1.05) Omitted dividend payment
2016 1,280,000,000 1 (0.59) 0.40 512,000,000 N/A
2015 1,280,000,000 1 0.87 0.40 512,000,000 45.79
2014 1,280,000,000 1 0.81 0.40 512,000,000 49.34
2013 1,280,000,000 1 1.42 0.65 832,000,000 45.93
2012 1,280,000,000 1 1.08 0.50 640,000,000 46.41
2011 1,280,000,000 1 1.04 0.50 640,000,000 48.99